TORI AMOS - Here On My Radio (CD)

Category: AIR CUTS CDs

• Includes recordings compiled from various radio stations:
• WXRT-FM Chicago
• KSCA-FM Los Angeles
• WHFS-FM Washington
• KEWD-FM Seattle
• Digitally remastered for greatly enhanced sound quality
• Background liners

After a long apprenticeship, Tori Amos made a huge impact with her solo debut, Little Earthquakes, in 1992.

This collection is taken from four FM radio broadcasts she made between then and 1996, when her landmark Boys For Pele appeared. Offering material from both those albums, as well as two non-album tracks, it's presented here together with background notes and images.

Tracks 1-5 recorded at WXRT, Chicago Tracks 6-8 recorded at KSCA, Los Angeles Tracks 9-10 recorded at WHFS, Washington Tracks 11-12 recorded at KEWD, Seattle.


1. Crucify
2. Blood Roses
3. Little Amsterdam
4. Here. In My Head
5. Doughnut Song
6. Caught A Lite Sneeze
7. Putting The Damage On
8. Doughnut Song
9. Leather
10. This Old Man
11. Little Amsterdam
12. Marianne


Title Here On My Radio
Catalogue No ACCD8003
Format CD
Barcode 5292317800311