GIL SCOTT HERON - Village Gate NYC 1976 (LP)


• Classic WRVR-FM broadcast from 1976
• Includes the entire broadcast
• Digitally remastered for enhanced sound quality
• Background liners

Gill Scott Heron, Live from the Village Gate, New York, 1976.

New York's WRVR-FM captured a treasured broadcast by Gil Scott-Heron. A highly-revered artist whose work has remained headily influential over many respected hip hop contemporaries. His appearance alongside Brian Jackson and the Midnight Band at the Village gate in 1976 has since garnered widespread affection and admiration amongst collectors, fans and critics alike.

This landmark appearance was primarily aimed at promoting Arista's imminent release of their 1976 LP It's Your World. This monumental performance comprised of only six songs in comparison with the ten of It's Your World, but the energy and spirit of that performance evoked acute political and spiritual awareness, rampaging through global and local injustices with humility and conscience firmly intact.

Live On Vinyl's retrospective spotlight captures Heron's on-stage persona and energy exposing an explosive chapter in the life and career of a lyrical legend.

Featuring the complete WRVR-FM broadcast, fully re-mastered.


Side One
1. Intro Jam
2. 17th Street
3. Must Be Something We Can Do
4. It's Your World

Side Two
1. Home Is Where The Hatred Is
2. Johannesburg


Title Village Gate NYC 1976
Catalogue No LOVLP2016
Format LP in Sleeve with Insert
Barcode 5296293201629