PARLIAMENT FUNKADELIC - Live... Madison Square Garden 1977 (LP)

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• Incredible performance at Madison Square Garden
• Includes the entire WPLJ-FM broadcast
• Presented here together with background notes and images

Parliament-Funkadelic, live at Madison Square Garden in September 1977

By September 1977, Parliament-Funkadelic were renowned not only for their outrageous blend of funk and rock'n'roll, but also their lavish stage show.

Originally broadcast on WPLJ-FM, the superb performance presented here draws on a blend of up-to-date material and older classics, capturing them at their irresistible, eccentric best. Featuring George Clinton, Bootsy Collins and their many cohorts on peak form, it's presented here with background notes and images.


Side One
1. Mothership Connection (Star Child)
2. Dr. Funkenstein
3. Do That Stuff
4. Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On - UnDisco Kidd

Side Two
1. Getten' To Know You
2. Comin' Round The Mountain
3. Maggot Brain - Good To Your Earhole


Title Live... Madison Square Garden 1977
Catalogue No RVLP2119
Format Limited Edition, 180g Blue Coloured Vinyl in Sleeve with Insert
Barcode 5292317211919