PEARLS BEFORE SWINE - Anderson Theater NYC '71 (CD)

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• Incredible performance at the Anderson Theater, New York City.
• Includes the entire WBAI-FM broadcast
• Presented here together with background notes and images

Pearls Before Swine, live at Anderson Theater, New York City on 31st October 1971

Led by the enigmatic Tom Rapp, Pearls Before Swine had been releasing albums since 1967, but rarely performed live.

This superb set was broadcast by WBAI-FM in New York and finds Rapp tackling songs from all five of their albums to date, as well as the forthcoming Beautiful Lies You Could Live In.

A quintessential document of the cult acid folk act in their prime, it's presented here together with background notes and images.


1. Butter?ies
2. (Oh Dear) Miss Morse
3. Epitaph On An Army Of Mercenaries
4. Wedding
5. Margery
6. These Things Too - Sail Away
7. Grace Street
8. Simple Things
9. A Life
10. The Jeweller
11. Song About A Rose
12. If You Don't Want To (I Don't Mind)
13. Riegal
14. Full Fathom Five - I Shall Not Care
15. The Jesus Song
16. Another Time
17. Rocket Man
18. Suzanne
19. Snow Queen


Title Anderson Theater NYC '71
Catalogue No RVCD2081
Format CD
Barcode 5292317208124