STYX - Live In Chicago (CD)

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• Includes the entire WKQX-FM broadcast
• Digitally remastered for greatly enhanced sound quality
• Background liners

Styx's iconic status in American rock history comes courtesy of a recorded legacy and scandalous tales of rock n' roll debauchery that would establish the wild child tag belonging to rock bands on the road.

However, beneath the animated decadence and sexual exploits lay a molten underbelly of songwriting talent. This would give way to bona-fide classics, songs that would stand the test of time and reach beyond their own era, influencing a new breed of soft metal upstarts.

This 1977 recording session for Mantra Studios in Illinois finds the band on the brink of international stardom and their ultimate success.

Orbit is proud to present the entire WKQX FM broadcast of Styx's performance at Chicago's Mantra Studios for their 'Studio Jam Radio Network' session in 1977.

Showcasing their new album The Grand Illusion, the band also dip into their 1975 Equinox LP easily disarming any one-trick pony accusations in the process.

Professionally re-mastered original FM broadcast with background liners and rare archival photos.


1. DJ Intro
2. The Grand Illusion
3. Lorelei
4. Mademoiselle
5. Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)
6. Suite Madame Blue
7. Light Up
8. Come Sail Away
9. Lady
10. Midnight Ride
11. Miss America


Artist STYX
Title Live In Chicago
Catalogue No ORBCD104
Format CD
Barcode 5294109310411