WHITE ZOMBIE - Black Zombie (CD)

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• Brilliant performance at Cow Palace, LA in June 1992
• Includes the entire syndicated radio broadcast
• Digitally remastered for enhanced sound quality

White Zombie's explosive arrival in 1985 from noise rock quartet to metal gods in little over two years, has earned them unflinching loyalty from a hardcore following.

With their debut album Soul Crusher the band stamped their authority on the alternative rock scene with their trademark usage of cult film samples which was used to devastating effect and eventually helped them earn the grammy-nominated hit More Human Than Human (a respected nod to Blade Runner). The bands only deviation from their 1992 La Sexorcisto tour would be a guest appearance at Rikki Rachtman's 'Cathouse Summer Kick-Off', an extravagant excuse for the journalist's birthday party held at Cow Palace in Hollywood, CA.

Initially premised as a 'metal pussy galore', the band lay on a brutal show with their own brand of metal and at their prime with hit single Black Sunshine and the immensely popular album track Thrust! (a firm favourite in the strip clubs apparently!).

Klondike proudly presents the entire original syndicated FM broadcast of White Zombie live at Cow Palace, LA in June 1992 for Rikki Rachtman's Cathouse Summer Kick Off event.

Professionally remastered original broadcasts with background liners and rare archival photos!


1. Soul-Crusher
2. Black Sunshine
3. Thrust
4. Welcome To Planet Motherfucker
5. Psychoholic Slag
6. Thunder Kiss 65
7. Grindhouse A Go-Go
8. Cosmic Monsters Inc.


Title Black Zombie
Catalogue No KLCD5027
Format CD
Barcode 5291012502711