NINE INCH NAILS - Woodstock '94 (CD)

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• Brilliant performance at Woodstock, Saugerties, New York on 13th August 1994.
• Includes the entire WNEW-FM broadcast
• Digitally remastered for enhanced sound quality

Nine Inch Nails, live at Woodstock, 13th August 1994

Nine Inch Nails now legendary performance at Woodstock 1994 played a huge part in making them a household name within the music industry, but on a larger scale, also credited the band with bringing the genre of industrial music to the masses for the first time.

Aside from Tent Reznor's admission that they were in it for the money (to finance their Self-Destruct tour), NIN emerged from the stage caked in mud, beer and blood and about to declare war on music itself. Reznor later confessed: 'When we stepped onstage at Woodstock '94, I could sense it. I get goose bumps thinking about it now'. NIN unleashed a malevolent power that made Woodstock look like Apocalypse Now with early classics from 1989's Pretty Hate Machine and Down In It clashing with newer and more mechanized cuts from Downward Spiral.

Klondike proudly presents the entire WNEW¡FM broadcast of Nine Inch Nails live from Woodstock 1994, Saugerties, New York on 13th August.

Professionally re-mastered original broadcast with background liners, interviews and rare archival photos.


1. Pinion/Terrible Lie
2. Sin
3. March Of The Pigs
4. Something I Can Never Have
5. Closer
6. Reptile
7. Wish
8. Suck
9. Burn
10. The Only Time
11. Down In It
12. Dead Souls
13. Help Me I Am In Hell
14. Happiness In Slavery
15. Head Like A Hole


Title Woodstock '94
Catalogue No KLCD5070
Format CD
Barcode 5291012507013