BLACKFOOT - Fox Theater Atlanta 24-07-81 (CD)

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• Classic live radio broadcast from 1981
• Includes the entire
• broadcast
• Digitally remastered for
• enhanced sound quality
• Background liners

Hitting the stores in early 1981, Blackfoot were quickly back on the road promoting Marauder across America with a night at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia on the 24th July. Although the tour was to promote their new album, the band opted to delve into their last three albums cutting up tracks from Blackfoot Strikes, Tomcattin' and Marauder.

A musical force commanded the stage at the Fox Theatre compelling critics into grateful submission with Tomcattin's Gimme, Gimme, Gimme and On The Run pounding an audience with bewilderment before rolling into I Got A Line On You. From here on in, it's easily apparent that Blackfoot is a musical powerhouse and a revered one at that.

Klondike's retrospective tribute to Blackfoot's live presence in heavy rock presents the entire and original FM radio broadcast from their 24th July 1981 performance at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta amidst their most successful tour and at the band's peak.


1. Gimme Gimme Gimme
2. On The Run
3. I Got A Line On You
4. Every Man Should Know (Queenie)
5. Searchin'
6. Fox Chase
7. Too Hard To Handle
8. Fly Away
9. Road Fever
10. Train Train
11. Radio Station ID's
12. Highway Song
13. Rattlesnake Rock N Roller


Title Fox Theater Atlanta 24-07-81
Catalogue No KLCD5018
Format CD
Barcode 5291012501813