THE GO-GO'S - Live Emerald City, New Jersey '81 (CD)

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• Incredible performance live from Emerald City, New Jersey
• Includes the entire WMMR-FM broadcast
• Presented here together with background notes and images

The Go-Go's, live from Emerald City, New Jersey on 31st August 1981

One of the most successful all-female bands of all time, the Go-Go's blazed a trail for future artists from The Bangles, through to Hole.

Its bubble gum princess facade was just that - a thinly stretched skin barely containing the band members' obsessions with sex, drugs and alcohol. Their youthful post-feminist dynamism was a direct challenge to the male-dominated music industry of the time, as was their 100 per cent female crew, from management to roadies. The Go-Go's didn't just break the glass ceiling, they smashed it and stomped it into a million pieces - probably laughing hysterically.

They wrote their own music, taught themselves to play their instruments and transformed themselves from a guttersnipe punk band from L.A. to an internationally acclaimed pop act in three short years.

This gig features the Go-Go's at the start of this meteoric rise and was broadcast live by WMMR-FM from the Emerald City date in Cherry Hill, New Jersey on 31 August 1981.


1. Intro - Skidmarks On My Heart
2. How Much More
3. Tonite
4. Fading Fast
5. London Boy's
6. Cool Jerk
7. Automatic
8. Lust To Love
9. Can't Stop The World (If You Can't Sleep)
10. This Town
11. Vacation
12. You Can't Walk in Your Sleep
13. Our Lips Are Sealed
14. Let's Have A Party
15. We Got The Beat
16. Surfing and Spying
17. Beatnik Beach


Artist THE GO-GO'S
Title Live Emerald City, New Jersey '81
Catalogue No RVCD2162
Format CD in digipack with 4 page booklet
Barcode 5292317216228