PRINCE - 3 Nites In Miami, Glam Slam, '94 (4CD)

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• Exhilarating live performance at Prince's own Glam Slam Club, South Beach, Miami, Florida
• Includes the entire Televised Broadcast on The Box Music Channel
• Three Nights from 7th, 8th & 9th June 1994
• Digitally remastered for greatly enhanced sound quality
• Background liners

Prince was on a creative roll in 1994, despite contractual complications that culminated in his assuming the infamous 'Love Symbol' pseudonym.

He had a huge international hit with the February release of The Most Beautiful Girl in the World, completed work on the similarly successful Come album in March, performed his sporadic 'Interactive Tour', and opened his own Miami club, Glam Slam, in June.

This superb three-night performance was broadcast on The Box Music Channel over its opening nights, and showcases many of his best-known songs, with typically precise and virtuoso musicianship. It's presented here with background notes and images.


Disc One Night One, Part One 7th June 1994
1. Endorphinmachine
2. Space
3. Interactive
4. Days Of Wild (including Hair)
5. Now (including Babies Makin' Babies)
6. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (Mustang Mix)

Disc Two Night One, Part Two 7th June 1994
1. The Ride
2. Get Wild
3. Acknowledge Me
4. Race
5. The Jam
6. Shhh

Disc Three Night Two, 8th June 1994
1. Billy Jack Bitch
2. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
3. Loose
4. Shoop (including Sexy MF - Gett Off - Acknowledge Me)
5. It's Alright
6. I Believe In You
7. Maybe Your Baby

Disc Four Night Three, 9th June 1994
1. Drum Solo - Intro - Santana Medley
2. 319
3. Hide The Bone
4. Ripopgodazippa
5. Get Wild
6. Johnny


Title 3 Nites In Miami, Glam Slam, '94
Catalogue No RV4CD2052
Format 4CD set
Barcode 5292317205222