BURNING SPEAR - Cocoanut Grove, Santa Cruz, '80 (2CD)

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• Powerful performance, live from Cocoanut Grove, Santa Cruz
• Includes the entire KUSP 88.1 KM FM broadcast
• Digitally remastered for enhanced sound quality

Burning Spear live from Cocoanut Grove in Santa Cruz on 23rd October 1980

One of the most respected and revered names in reggae and most potent voice of Rastafari, Burning Spear was making a rare appearance on the West Coast to bring his music closer to the people of Santa Cruz, California. The thick grooves and mellow vibes of his latest album Hail H.I.M. meet old friends from Social Living, Man in the Hills, Dry and Heavy and his seminal 1975 album Marcus Garvey.

Dressed in a grey tracksuit, shaking a set of soulful dreadlocks from side to side, Winston Rodney performs songs of revolution, praise, love and of Jah, broadcast live over non-commercial radio KUSP (88.1 KM) FM.

Klondike proudly presents the entire original recorded broadcast of Burning Spear live from Coconut Grove in Santa Cruz, California on 23rd October 1980.

Professionally re-mastered original FM broadcast with expansive liners and rare archival photos.


Disc One
1. Spear Burning / Band Introductions
2. Nyah Keith
3. Columbus
4. Slavery Days
5. Old Marcus Garvey
6. Foggy Road
7. African Postman
8. Institution

Disc Two
1. Travelling
2. The Sun
3. Door Peep
4. Bad To Worst
5. Follow Marcus Garvey


Title Cocoanut Grove, Santa Cruz, '80
Catalogue No KL2CD5053
Format 2CD
Barcode 5291012505316