HOLE - Live Through This Is Radio Hole 9th December 1994 (CD)

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• Classic live radio broadcast from 9th December 1994
• Includes the entire broadcast
• Digitally remastered for enhanced sound quality
• Background liners

Hole's appearance at the festive Live 105 Green Christmas event at Community Theater, Berkeley, CA on 9th December 1994 reveals a marked torment in Courtney Love's life and career.

Riding on the success of Hole's widely acclaimed second album Live Through This, Love was fast becoming the suburban teenage icon. Sadly for Courtney Love, she was also in desperate turmoil, struggling with the sudden death of her husband Kurt Cobain and her band mate Kristen Pfaff shortly after the album's release.

Considering the personal turmoil and the ever-encroaching media spotlight, Love's reserve is resolute even when it appears to the audience that she is barely in control. Her performance throughout bleeds anger, frustration and apparent vulnerability that mocks the aimless, posturing rage of many of her punk contemporaries. Her rage is endless, supreme and justified.

Klondike proudly presents the entire broadcast of Hole's 9th December performance at the fourth annual event of Live 105 Green Christmas, Community Theater, Berkeley, CA, 1994.

Fully re-mastered with liners and rare photos.


1. Radio Intro / Good King Wencelas
2. Plump
3. Sugar Coma
4. Miss World / We Three Kings
5. Asking For It
6. Hungry Like The Wolf
7. He Hit Me (Jam) / Best Sunday Dress
8. Doll Parts
9. Violet
10. Olympia
11. Sugar Coma (Reprise) / Radio Outro


Artist HOLE
Title Live Through This Is Radio Hole 9th December 1994
Catalogue No KLCD5026
Format CD
Barcode 5291012502612