FRANK ZAPPA - Bebop Tabgo Contest Live (LP)

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• Includes the entire CKGM WLIR FM broadcast
• Complete with background notes and rare images
• First time on Vinyl
• 180g Vinyl w/ insert in sleeve

With the success of his Apostrophe and Roxy & Elsewhere albums, 1974 saw Frank Zappa at his commercial peak.

Evidently feeling a surfeit of goodwill towards his fans, at the close of the year he prepared a personally mixed reel of live performances from the previous year for broadcast on WLIR-FM in Garden City, New York on New Year's Eve. Not to be confused with a show he was playing the same night in Long Beach, California, this is a typically adventurous and humorous compilation, and is presented here with background notes and images.


Side One
1. Announcer's introduction
2. Zappa's introduction – aka Tango Chat (Wayne, NJ, 73/11/11)
3. Pygmy Twylyte / Dummy Up (w/ Coffee, location & date unknown)
4. Be-Bop Tango Excerpt (location & date unknown)
5. The Story Of Dupree's Paradise (NYC, 73/11/22)
6. Yellow Snow Suite (Sydney, Australia, 73/06/24) (Fade)

Side Two
1. Yellow Snow Suite (Sydney, Australia, 73/06/24)
2. Guitar Event (Lowell, MA, 73/11/30)
3. Bebop Tango Contest (Waterloo, Canada, 73/11/18)
4. Announcer's closing remarks


Title Bebop Tabgo Contest Live
Catalogue No KHLP9054
Format LP w/ insert in sleeve
Barcode 5291012905413