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Category: KEYHOLE CDs
• Taken from the famous Fillmore West
• Psychedelic pop tracks and epic live performances
• Digitally remastered for first time on CD
Catalogue No KH2CD9009
Category: KEYHOLE CDs
• Vintage Iron Butterfly
• Early 5-piece line-up
• Background notes/images included
Catalogue No KHCD9021
Category: KEYHOLE CDs
• Jefferson Airplane spin-off
• Classic 1971 live set
• Tapes on the Fillmore's final weekend
• Background notes/photos included
Catalogue No KH2CD9018
Category: KEYHOLE CDs
• Superb performance from the House of Blues
• Includes the entire National Public Radio broadcast
• Presented here together with background notes and images
Catalogue No KH2CD9091
Category: KEYHOLE CDs
• The iconic WBAI-FM Collection, 1967, of Arlo Guthrie's performances at Alice's Restaurant
• Includes the entire broadcast
• Complete with background notes and rare images
Catalogue No KHCD9050
Category: KEYHOLE CDs
• Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals
• John Kahn - bass (set 1)
• Dave Torbert - bass (set 2)
• Melvin Seals - organ
• Jimmy Warren - electric piano, clavinet
• Bill Kreutzmann - drums
• Julie Stafford - backing vocals
• Liz Stires - backing vocals
Catalogue No KH2CD9051