FRANK ZAPPA - Nasty Rats Live... Live At The Palladium New York 1981 (2CD)

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• Superb performance at the Palladium, New York
• Includes the entire WNEW-FM broadcast
• Presented here together with background notes and images

Frank Zappa, Nasty Rats, live at the Palladium, New York on October 31st 1981

1981 was a typically busy year for Frank Zappa, with the establishment of his UMRK studio, as well as the release of Tinsel Town Rebellion, You Are What You Is and three Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar albums.

In September he embarked on a US tour, adding Steve Vai to his tight new band. On Halloween night, they performed at the Palladium in New York, the show being simulcast on WNEW-FM radio and MTV.

Featuring several songs he rarely played in concert, it's a must for all serious fans and is presented here with background notes and images.


Disc One
1. Black Napkins
2. Montana
3. Easy Meat
4. Society Pages
5. I'm A Beautiful Guy
6. Beauty Knows No Pain
7. Charlie's Enormous Mouth
8. Fine Girl
9. Teenage Wind
10. Harder Than Your Husband
11. Bamboozled by Love
12. Sinister Footwear
13. Stevie's Spanking

Disc Two
1. Cocaine Decisions
2. Nig Biz
3. Doreen
4. Goblin Girl > Black Page
5. Tryin' To Grow A Chin
6. Strictly Genteel
7. Strictly Genteel Cont. - Zappa speaks
8. The Torture Never Stops


Title Nasty Rats Live... Live At The Palladium New York 1981
Catalogue No KH2CD9083
Format 2CD
Barcode 5291012908322