COWBOY JUNKIES - Misguided Angel - Live '89 (CD)

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Taped for FM radio broadcast shortly after the release of their breakthrough album, The Trinity Session, this superb live set captures the Canadian quartet at their very best on a wide variety of material, spanning self-penned songs and covers of classics by Lou Reed, Bob Dylan and others.

It's presented here complete with background notes and images, and is sure to delight alt-country fans everywhere.


Disc One
1. Blue Moon Revisited (Song For Elvis)
2. 'Cause Cheap Is How I Feel
3. Me & The Devil
4. 200 More Miles
5. Shining Moon
6. Mariner's Song
7. Misguided Angel
8. Sweet Jane
9. Sun Comes Up, It's Tuesday Morning
10. Thirty Summers
11. You Will Be Loved Again
12. Captain Kidd

Disc Two
1. To Love Is To Bury
2. Walking After Midnight
3. Powderfinger
4. Dead Flowers
5. Escape Is So Simple
6. Cowboy Junkies Lament
7. If You Gotta Go, Go Now


Title Misguided Angel - Live '89
Catalogue No KH2CD9057
Format CD
Barcode 5291012905727