DAN HICKS & HIS HOT LICKS - KSAN Studios, San Francisco July 4th 1971 (CD)

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Having risen to prominence as a key member of the Charlatans - one of the very first bands on the US psychedelic scene - Dan Hicks branched off to pursue his own vision in 1968.

Combining folk, jazz, pop and more into a distinctively laid-back, good-humoured style, this superb set showcases classics from his first three albums, together with brief interview segments, capturing one of the most distinctive American artists of the era at his peak.

Background notes and photos are included.


1. KSAN promo jingle
2. Tom Donahue intro / commercial Evenin' Breeze
3. Woe The Luck
4. Where's The Money?
5. Dan talks
6. The Buzzard Was Their Friend
7. News From Up The Street
8. Dan talks
9. Feel Like Singing
10. Presently In The Past
11. The Rounder
12. Dan talks
13. Is This My Happy Home?
14. Dan talks
15. Shorty Falls In Love
16. He Don't Care
17. Dan talks
18. I Scare Myself


Title KSAN Studios, San Francisco July 4th 1971
Catalogue No KHCD9032
Format CD
Barcode 5291012903228