THE CRAMPS - Keystone Club Palo Alto, CA 1979 (LP)


• Hand numbered limited edition
• 500 copies only
• 180g coloured vinyl

The Cramps quickly became one of America's finest subculture manifestations, bred from the madness of 50s and 60s b-movie trash at the turn of punk, Lux Interior and his motley crew of proto-gothic punks shred the walls of Keystone's Palo Alto with a toxic stew of sexed up rock 'n' roll.

They were an exotic cabaret of b-movie histrionics and debonair, pursuing lurid and sexual gratification. Lux Interior personified, and externalized what lurked behind the snarl of every rockabilly hero and even in death, wears it well.

In Elvis' strut, in James Dean's wince, somewhere in the back of Little Richard's throat was the Cramps drooling all over your face and walking away with your soul.

Interference proudly presents the entire KFAT-FM broadcast of this legendary early performance by The Cramps live at Keystone's Palo Alto from February 1979. Captured in their grizzly, diabolical prime and before the release of their debut Songs The Lord Taught Us.

Professionally re-mastered with background liners and superb rare archival photos.


Side One
1. The Way I Walk
2. Everybody's Moving
3. Domino
4. Rocket In My Pocket

Side Two
1. Human Fly
2. Rockin' Bones
3. Teenage Werewolf
4. Sunglasses After Dark


Title Keystone Club Palo Alto, CA 1979
Catalogue No INTRLP0005
Format 180g coloured LP
Barcode 5296127000527