HOWARD WALES & FRIENDS WITH JERRY GARCIA - Symphony Hall, Boston 26th January 1972 (2CD)

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• Classic live WBCN-FM broadcast from 26th January 1972
• Includes the entire broadcast
• Digitally remastered for greatly enhanced sound quality
• Background liners

Sometimes referred to as the 'Hooteroll Band' after their respected album from 1970, Howard Wales and Jerry Garcia's collaborative work reached far beyond the expected audiences of Dead heads with their combined acid guitar and Hammond-fuelled funk enterprise comprising several notable names from the Bay Area such as Roger 'Jellyroll' Troy (Electric Flag) and Jim Vincent (H.P. Lovecraft).

Having originally been conceived on the stage at The Matrix as the Monday Night Band in 1970, the partnership of Wales and Garcia cemented two kindred spirits that would prove to be a potent force.

The January performance held at the Symphony Hall in Boston on their 1972 East Coast Tour comprises a majority of material from the celebrated album which would finally get a live airing two years after it's release and a year after Garcia's solo LP for Warners in 1971.

Vincent and Garcia expose a bounty of talent with intensity as Wales' Hammond endeavours to provide it's own personality. Bridged with B.B. King, Bo Diddley and Fleetwood Mac, the band employs it's own craft with a dose of enigma and effort throughout, ensuring a collectively mesmerising performance.

Echoes's beautifully presented tribute to Howard Wales and Friends live work presents for the first time, the entire original broadcast from WBCN-FM, fully re-mastered with detailed liners and rare photos.


Disc One
1. Radio Introductions - South Side Strut -
2. Up From The Desert -
3. One A.M. Approach -
4. Come On Baby - Jam - Outer Space Regions - Carry Me Back -
5. Bass Solo -
6. Get Funky Brother -
7. A Trip To What's Next -
8. Would You Leave Me - Wale's Boogie -
9. Band Introductions by Jerry Garcia

Disc Two
1. Radio Introductions - Get Down Mama (1) -
2. DC502 (1) -
3. Drums (1) -
4. DC502 (1) -
5. Sweet Little Angel - Sweet Cocaine -
6. Shine On Love -
7. Fighting For Madge -
8. Hey Bo Diddley - Can't Judge A Book (2) -
9. Encore: Gypsy Woman

(1)  Without Garcia
(2)  Roger Troy Introduces The Band


Title Symphony Hall, Boston 26th January 1972
Catalogue No ECHO2CD2002
Format 2CD set
Barcode 5291012200211