RY COODER - Acoustic Performance Radio Ranch 12-12-1972 (2LP)

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• Stunning Acoustic Performance at Radio Branch. Broadcast on WMMS-FM 12th December 1972
• Includes the entire broadcast
• Digitally remastered for greatly enhanced sound quality . Background liners

Ry Cooder needs little introduction to a large majority as he has come to dominate the respect and admiration metered out by numerous artists and critics over the last five decades. Since the Sixties with the Rising Sons, Cooder has been a formidable host, presenting guitar sounds that hark back to primal bottleneck blues, country, jazz, Hawaiian slack-key guitar, Bahamian folk music and countless other styles. He's combined varying musical idioms into his own eclectic style as one of the world's foremost performers of roots music.

Ry Cooder's pioneering musicianship can never be overestimated likewise, his impact on world music and it's profound influence on many of his contemporaries. Echoes' presents the entire WMMS-FM broadcast, allowing the listener a chance to share the stage with this incredible talent as it happened in Cleveland, Ohio on 12th December 1972. Fully re-mastered with liners and photos.


Side One
1. Radio Announcement > Talking
2. Police Dog Blues
3. Tuning > Song Intro
4. Comin' In On A Wing And A Prayer
5. Tuning > Song Intro
6. Great Dream From Heaven

Side Two
1. Tuning > Song Intro
2. Clean Up At Home
3. Tuning > Song Intro
4. Tattler
5. You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond

Side Three
1. Radio Announcement > Song Intro
2. F.D.R In Trinidad
3. Tuning > Song Intro
4. Floating Bridge
5. Billy The Kid

Side Four
1. Diddy Wah Diddy
2. Dark Was The Nigh (Cold Was The Ground)
3. Jesus Is On The Mainline
4. Going To Boomsville


Title Acoustic Performance Radio Ranch 12-12-1972
Catalogue No ECHO2LP2006
Format 2LP in Sleeve w/Insert
Barcode 5291012200624