SVT - Sex Attraction Live... Mabuhay, '80 (CD)


• Includes the entire KALX FM broadcast
• Digitally remastered for enhanced sound quality
• Background liners

SVT live at Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco on 26th January 1980

Surrounded by the likes of The Nuns, The Avengers, Crime and The Dead Kennedys, SVT immediately stood out as the one band on the new scene that brought a sense of melody and a few more chords to the Bay Area's new-wave punk scene. Jack Casady's past experience in Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna obviously leant a lot of weight to the band as did Buck's tenure on the keyboards in the latter, but SVT was much more than fading rockers trying to keep up.

Their appearance at Mabuhay Gardens in 1980 presents a snapshot of another already 'bygone' era and a valid chapter in Bay Area music history. The band's brief existence came to an end in England in 1982 with only a handful of releases to show for all the hard work, but rare live recordings such as this allow us to hear a more authentic punk rock band in SVT.

Interference very proudly presents the entire KALX FM broadcast of SVT live from Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco on 26th January 1980.

Presented with a professionally re-mastered original broadcast, expansive liners, interviews and rare archival photos.


1. Dirk Dirksen Intro
2. No Regrets
3. I Can See
4. I Walk The Line
5. C'mon Everybody
6. Heart Of Stone
7. Price Of Sex
8. The Last Word
9. Modern Living
10. Talkin' 'Bout Girls
11. Rock Reich
12. You Don't Rock Me
13. I Wanna See You Cry
14. I Can't Feel Any Pain
15. Sex Attraction
16. Unknown


Artist SVT
Title Sex Attraction Live... Mabuhay, '80
Catalogue No INTRCD0012
Format CD
Barcode 5296127001210