CHARLES MINGUS SEXTET - Copenhagen 1964 (2CD)

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• Incredible performances at Store Sal, Odd Fellow Palace, Copenhagen
• Broadcast on Danish Radio
• Digitally remastered for greatly enhanced sound quality
• Background liners

Charles Mingus Sextet, live at Store Sal, Odd Fellow Palace, Copenhagen on 14th April 1964

In April 1964, Charles Mingus took his remarkable band to Europe. Having fulfilled eagerly anticipated dates in Amsterdam, Oslo and Stockholm, they played the remarkable set captured here in the Great Hall of the Odd Fellows' Palace in Copenhagen on the evening of Tuesday 14th.

Fired up by an altercation in a shirt shop earlier in the day, Mingus gives an especially fiery performance, as does Eric Dolphy, who had already decided to settle in Europe, unaware that he had only two months left to live.

Originally broadcast on Danish radio, the full set is presented here together with background notes and images.


Disc One - EARLY SET
1. Intro
2. So Long Eric
3. Intro
4. At FW USA
5. Intro
6. Orange Was The Color Of Her Dress, Then Blue Silk
7. Meditations

Disc Two - LATE SET
1. Ow!
2. Parkeriana
3. Fables Of Faubus
4. Ysabel's Table Dance


Title Copenhagen 1964
Catalogue No HH2CD3090
Format 2CD
Barcode 5297961309012