WARREN ZEVON - Empire Concert Club, Cleveland OH 05-01-92 (2CD)

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• Rare Inspiring performance at the Empire Concert Club, Cleveland 5th January 1992
• Includes the entire broadcast on WMMS-FM
• Digitally remastered for greatly enhanced sound quality
• Background liners

1992 saw singer/songwriter Warren Zevon, the original 'indie' kid; embark on his promotional tour for Mr. Bad Example with Vancouver rockers The Odds playing both support and backing.

Zevon's performance at the Empire Concert Club in Cleveland shared a retrospective look at his work from his self-titled 1976 album to his most recent. His repertoire stood tall and devout that evening and has remained as such in his legacy that has been hailed by numerous figures such as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, George Clinton and R.E.M.

This rare performance affirms Zevon's place in the heavens of Indie rock, a place where he has rested since his death on September 7th 2003, aged 56.

Echoes proudly presents the entire WMMS-FM broadcast of Warren Zevon's inspired performance at the Empire Concert Club in Cleveland, OH on 5th January 1992.

Fully re-mastered with background liners and photos.


Disc One
1. [Intro] - I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
2. Play It All Night Long
3. Poor, Poor Pitiful Me
4. [Band Intros]
5. Mr. Bad Example
6. Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead
7. Roland Chorale - Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner
8. First We Take Manhattan
9. Detox Mansion
10. Boom Boom Mancini

Disc Two
1. Excitable Boy
2. Model Citizen
3. The Envoy
4. Jungle Work
5. Searching For A Heart
6. That's Amore
7. Werewolves Of London
8. Into The Mystic
9. Lawyers, Guns and Money
Second Encore
10. Mohammed's Radio - Outro


Title Empire Concert Club, Cleveland OH 05-01-92
Catalogue No ECHO2CD2015
Format 2CD
Barcode 5291012201515