JOHN PRINE - Far From Me - Asheville North Carolina October 1986 (2CD)

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• Brilliant performance live in Asheville, North Carolina, October 1986
• Includes the entire WBCN-FM broadcast
• Digitally remastered for greatly enhanced sound quality
• Background liners

John Prine's songs have been recorded by countless musicians while numerous praises have been sung not only by his many loyal fans, but also by his colleagues, among them Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson.

With classic songs like Sam Stone, Angel From Montgomery and Hello In There, John Prine has become one of the most important and influential songwriters of our time. His latest celebrated album German Afternoons echoed the irony and satire of 1973's acclaimed Sweet Revenge and put him firmly back in the spotlight.

Prine's best work was never far from brazen and uncompromising as his October 1986 appearance at Asheville in North Carolina reveals with a prized set that reaches as far back as his 1972 debut.

Echoes proudly presents the entire original WBCN-FM broadcast of John Prine live in Asheville, North Carolina from October 1986.

Professionally re-mastered original broadcast with background liners and rare archival images.


Disc One
1. Lulu Walls
2. The Torch Singer
3. Aw Heck
4. Six O'Clock News
5. Chat
6. Out Of Love
7. Donald & Lydia
8. Blue Umbrella
9. Souvenirs
10. Grandpa Was A Carpenter
11. Fish And Whistle
12. Storm Windows
13. Illegal Smile

Disc Two
1. Dear Abby
2. Far From Me
3. Sabu Visits The Twin Cities Alone
4. Linda Goes To Mars
5. Chat
6. Let's Talk Dirty In Hawaiian
7. The Great Compromise
8. Sam Stone
9. Sailin' Around
10. My Own Best Friend
11. Spanish Pipedream


Title Far From Me - Asheville North Carolina October 1986
Catalogue No ECHO2CD2063
Format 2CD
Barcode 5291012206312