RACHEL SWEET & THE TOYS - Truckstop Queen - Live In New York (CD)

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• Brilliant performance live at The Bottom Line, New York on 8th May 1980
• Includes the entire WNEW-FM broadcast
• Digitally remastered for greatly enhanced sound quality
• Background liners

Rachel Sweet & The Toys - Live at The Bottom Line, New York 8th May 1980

The Akron-born teenage powerhouse that caught the attention of Stiff records in the late 1970s has enjoyed much deserved cult status. Sweet never quite matched her more famous counterparts such as Blondie or Hazel O'Connor in the press, but her adoring fanbase and respect from people such as Elvis Costello, Brinsley Schwarz, Graham Parker and Lene Lovich confirmed her arrival as a genuine star.

Bridged between a new wave Linda Ronstadt and a more introverted Madonna, the 17-year old singer/songwriter who had risen from a country upbringing in Devo's hometown of Akron, Ohio was taking to the Bottom Line stage once again to announce her new album, Protect The Innocent.

Her astonishing performance here boasts enough potency alone to abolish any timid pretext such as 'the little girl with a big voice' or any other such 'cutey' patronising drivel. Simple 'girlish charm' is not something that runs through Rachel Sweet's veins, it's Passion with a capital P and a genuine and devout love of rock and roll.

Echoes proudly presents the entire WNEW-FM broadcast of Rachel Sweet live at the Bottom Line, New York on 8th May 1980.

Professionally re-mastered original broadcast with background liners and rare archival photos.


1. Truckstop Queen
2. Foul Play
3. Jealous
4. Who Does Lisa Like?
5. Spellbound
6. Take Good Care Of Me
7. B-A-B-Y
8. Wildwood Saloon
9. New Age
10. Tonight
11. Cuckoo Clock
12. New Rose
13. Tonight Ricky
14. Introduction Of The Toys
15. I've Got A Reason
16. Encore: (Medley) All Shook Up / Jailhouse Rock / Baby Lets Play House
17. The Boys On 7th Avenue


Title Truckstop Queen - Live In New York
Catalogue No ECHOCD2059
Format CD
Barcode 5291012205910