THE DIXIE DREGGS - Wages Of Weirdness (CD)

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• Includes the entire KWFM broadcast
• Digitally remastered for greatly enhanced sound quality
• Background liners

One of the most eclectic bands to emerge from the American South, the Dixie Dregs devised diverse instrumentals combining rock, jazz, bluegrass, country, and more.

Their virtuosity is showcased on this 1978 broadcast from KWFM in Tucson, Arizona, recorded at Lee Furr's Studios.

This 2CD set features songs from all of their 1970s albums, paced by the flamboyantly fluid guitar work of Steve Morse.


Disc One
1. Freefall
2. Moe Down
3. Refried Funky Chicken
4. Chat
5. Night Meets Light
6. The Bash
7. Chat
8. Travel Tunes
9. Wages Of Weirdness
10. Chat
11. Northern Lights
12. Punk Sandwich

Disc Two
1. Odyssey
2. Interview
3. Take It Off The Top
4. Country House Shuffle
5. Ice Cakes
6. Chat
7. What If
8. Gina Lola Breakdown
9. Chat
10. Cruise Control


Title Wages Of Weirdness
Catalogue No AC2CD7013
Format CD
Barcode 5292317701311