BUFFALO TOM - First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN... Live (CD)

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• Includes the entire KJ104-FM broadcast
• Digitally Remastered for greatly enhanced sound quality
• Background liners

Buffalo Tom, live at the First Avenue in Minneapolis on May 11th 1992

Shortly before their rise to international renown when their 1993 album Big Red Letter Day made the UK Top Twenty, Buffalo Tom established themselves as one of the hottest bands on the American alternative rock circuit.

This CD captures the group on May 11, 1992 at the First Venue in Minneapolis, just after the release of Let Me Come Over.

Broadcast on Minneapolis station KJ104-FM, it includes material from all of their first three albums.


1. DJ Intro
2. The Plank
3. Staples
4. Fortune Teller
5. Darl
6. Larry
7. Velvet Roof
8. Enemy
9. Impossible
10. I'm Not There
11. Birdbrain
12. Mineral
13. Racine
14. Taillights Fade
15. Bleeding Heart
16. Sunflower Suit
17. The Bus


Title First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN... Live
Catalogue No ACCD8005
Format CD
Barcode 5292317800519